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2 more new amazing camera adapters from DEO-Tech this year!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

We are now working on 2 new adapter and we believe it can release around the December of this year!

First one is “Falcon” – the next generation electronic adapter! This is support FF NEX camera with amazing function!

Another one is “Owl” – this is our first product for m43 camera and also the world first drop-in filter adapter! It allow you put a 52mm filter in side, very easy to change! And we will provide CPL, Fade ND and tele-converter lens in the future.

Here are our first mock up of “Owl” and we are now processing the detail drawing, if you want to try this demo version, just email to us, our email is /

DEO drop in filter adapter mock up (S1)

DEO drop in filter adapter mock up (S2)

We are now applying the worldwide patent and we sure that you guys will love it!


  1. So, it is not light booster adapter for m43?

    • Mitakon will make it, not us.
      We are different development team.

    • Mitakon will announce the m43 version around the end of this year.
      They are now development new version for m43 camera.
      The new version will solve the spot problem and improve the image quality, especially the sharpness of the edge.
      Thank you so much

      • Larnus

        Will they be upgrading the FF=>APSC adapter too. I think many people are waiting for this edge sharpness fix. Otherwise we’d buy metabones.

        • They will do it but please give them some time.
          Thank you so much.

  2. MikeB

    Hi, what lenses will the Falcon be made for? EF, Sony A, others?

    • The Falcon is for Canon EF to Sony NEX camera.

  3. Joshua Cadmium

    Hello! What is the maximum thickness of filter that will fit in the Owl? Also, will there be any way of rotating the filter once it is inside the camera and a lens is attached? Thanks!

    • I think 1 normal filter or 2 slim filters are ok.
      We will make CPL / Fade ND drop in filter for this adapter.
      Thank you so much.

  4. Amy502

    Please make it wide enough for Astronomy filters like H-alpha & LPS :)

    • Yes, we will and that is why we make this adapter.

  5. Azmazz


    Is there an updated Lens Turbo for EFS-NEX in development – better edge sharpness, no blue dot?

    • Hi, they need some time to do it.
      The first ver2 lens turbo will be for m43 camera.
      It will solve blue spot problem and improve the sharpness.
      Thank you so much.

      • Azmazz

        Thanks, have you any idea of time-frame?

        • I am not sure now, so sorry about that

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